The role of technology during lockdown

Lock down Zoom Meeting from Home

We have all had to adapt our lives during lockdown and without doubt technology played a major part in helping us continue our communications. In our case, we counted ourselves very lucky; our use of technology to run our business was already established, so we didn’t need to adapt too much. Our hearts went out to all those who were struggling to run their businesses from home without an existing infrastructure – with such short notice.

As a totally cloud-based company, with a ‘work from anywhere’ philosophy, we were already set up for homeworking. We had no operational impact from working from home, but we did have to adapt our way of recruiting candidates for our clients. 

Video conferencing has become the norm during the last three months, and we have stretched its capabilities to the full. We were already using video conferencing for candidates, so no big change there but we have spent a lot of time supporting our clients via this channel. During this time, we have even managed to carry out a client pitch using our own video content integrated with real time presentations. We thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! 

Listening to many businesses it has become clear that some will not return to their old working practices and their offices will remain empty for a while yet. The old norm of jumping into a car for a face-to-face meeting, for many, has already become a distant memory and video conferencing has taken its place.

Many businesses took products and services online for the first time, and social media platforms buzzed in ways they never had. Communication seemed to be more thoughtful, informative and measured, with offers of help during this time. Online platforms and official social media profiles of public health bodies provided important information and updates. Communicating this way made business more thoughtful about how they reacted, and many collaborations were built through technology. Whole offices met and swapped and shared documents on the cloud and, although remote working, they could still feel part of a team. Online conferences have still happened, webinars became our new trainers and networking went online as did personal fitness trainers! Businesses found new ways to support and reach out to each other. Many technology companies rose to the challenge and invented new software programs and apps ready to fill new needs. In three months, the world went paperless; using technology helped to clean up the environment and the benefits have been astonishing! 

On a personal front, we were amazed at how quickly online teaching was rolled out and how well it worked. The children adapted to the new regime well. 

We had cream teas with the whole extended family who are situated across the globe. A first for us and something we will continue to do. Technology allowed us all to be in ‘one space’ at the same time.

Being a specialist technology recruitment agency we watch the embracing of this new technological way of working with interest. Technology, and the importance we have always placed in it, didn’t let us down – it made the grade and helped to keep the whole world communicating. 
So, our experience of the lockdown ‘workwise’ has been very positive. How was yours? We would be really interested to hear how technology supported you during the lockdown. Was your experience like ours or something very different? Please share your thoughts with us.

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